standard euro front

ES1257 frame showing wings, gate posts and gate
Note: These wings bolt to your wood posts or your barn wall. If you need the tall 5” round posts they are available for $175 each including the brass post cap.

ES1257 brass striker, brass pull knob and stainless steel plunger

heavy duty hinge

Heavy duty ajustable hinge. Note: Safe non protruding hinge


Laser cut base plates prior to welding to post base.

brass cap closeup

Closeup of brass cap

brass plates

Base plate heavy duty laser cut
Note:bolts down to concrete


Smooth finished welds



Stainless steel plunger. Hand turned.

finished wings

Finished wings. Note: Channels that bolt to your wall or wood posts.

hinge plate

Heavy duty laser cut hinge plate.

welds closeup

Closeup of ground welds.


Skid as it arrives to your farm.